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Year of Decisions...

2023 CCC Leaders
Retreat & Conference

We are delighted to be back to some sense of normalcy considering all the challenges we endured particularly on the last few years.


We have an amazing team of volunteers that we refer to as our CCC Dream Team. They are led by some great leaders. This page is for them. We want to pour into our Leadership Team and one way we can do this - is through our Annual Leadership Retreats and Conferences.

Mountain Ridge


 Our Leadership Team are made up of individuals that come from all different walks of life. We are a diverse team because we serve a diverse people and community.

(1). We seek to be trained because all leaders are to be followers.

(2). We seek to lead and serve our community well.

(3). We seek to honor God with our leadership role to advance the cause of Christ. 


 Our Leadership Mission is to provide our Church & Community with Kingdom (1). Purpose. (2). Motivation. & (3). Direction. with the aim of advance Jesus mission and support our community at large.

Mountain Ridge
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